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I am cold and wet and grimy from travel. And I am smiling. I am smiling as a hand grips my elbow. I turn to see year-old Ernesto Colnago, founder of the eponymous company, at my side. And I mean it. Permit me to boast: After nearly 20 years of bike testing , I have ridden thousands of bikes. The frames weigh grams or less, yet are stiff and comfortable—and handle as though imbued with magic. Amazing, and also anonymous.

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The following article was originally printed in cycling weekly, march 27 Is it wrong for Colnago to produce a race bike for the masses? After all, both the Madone and the C50 are pinnacles of their respective ranges and the Dream B-Stay has been around for a few years – in fact the model we’re testing is the incarnation.

Sharing the mantle with the Colnago C59, the M10 is the top of the Colnago range but of monocoque construction. It carefully blends stiffness and weight to give.

Three themes have dominated road bike design in recent years: aerodynamics, weight and disc brakes, and the V1-r tackles the first two head on, while the frame will also available in both rim and disc brake versions. First, aerodynamics. The truncated airfoil is used across the frame, including on the fork and Colnago have, on the rim caliper V1-r, also chosen to move the rear brake from the seatstays to behind the bottom bracket.

The frame will take direct-mount brakes which have two mounting points, one on either side of the caliper, rather than a single central mounting point at the front and rear, said to improve aerodynamic performance and save a little weight but, more pertinently, offer superior braking performance. A new fork has also been designed to accommodate the direct mount front brake. Other features include the same ThreadFit That, Colnago say, provides the stiffness of a traditional pressfit system while improving reliability, durability and serviceability.

The bottom bracket shell is suitably oversized, too, and should offer plenty of stiffness. Otherwise, the V1-r has full carbon fibre rear dropouts the front dropouts are aluminium , with a replaceable derailleur hanger. Needless to say, all cables run internally. As we mentioned at the top, the V1-r will be available in both rim and disc brake versions.

Colnago have been ahead of curve as far as disc-equipped road bikes are concerned since the launch of the C59 Disc way back in

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Colnago launch first aero road frame – the 835g V1-r

These descriptions make it necessary to assign a turning point in time where earlier iterations get the former designations and later versions get the latter. For a lot of road bike elements, the years through mark significant changes. This Guerciotti road bike sits at a turning point in road bike history and has elements that are both old-school retro probably more of these and elements that are cut from more modern cloth.

Here is a Colnago Super dating back to the s, when frames manufactured from steel were the only option for professional teams. The matte black paintwork​.

At the age of 13 Ernesto Colnago, in order to work at the Gloria bicycle factory in Milan as a welder, changed the date of birth on the documents. To start the business money was needed, so it was necessary to make do. His father therefore cuts a mulberry owned to make the workbench. Ernesto points out that the cranks are mounted badly, and fixing them solves the problem. Observing pedaling the sixteen year old Gianni Motta understands that he will become a champion, and decides to provide him with bicycle and assistance.

Colnago meets Eddy Merckx, who needs reliable and artfully recorded wheels to be used at Milan-Sanremo.

Colnago V3RS DISC – Carbon Frame Set – 2020 – RZBW

The C64 takes all that was good about its predecessor, the C60 while adding modern aero details, improved power transfer and a more comfortable ride experience. Looking to insure your new bike? The lugged construction allows Colnago to offer a wide range of frame sizes and either a sloping or a horizontal top tube. Colnago has also moved away slightly from the fully lugged construction, with the seat tube being a single piece incorporating the lug for the top tube and seatstays, rather than bonded into a separate lug at its top.

It also means that the company has to juggle its stock of 14 different seat tubes, one for each frame size.

The first generation of the Colnago Master was released in , the same year in This Super Corsa frame dates from about –9 – the head lugs have the.

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First Ride: Colnago C60

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All of the frames use the newer style of head tube decal, which combined the Colnago stamping on the chainstays, seen on two of the frames here, dates to.

I will soon be selling my treasured Master X Light but first it would be nice to get an accurate date for the production of the frame. I seem to remember someone on the forum helping me with this some time ago, but guessing it was in a PM that has since been deleted. Would someone please steer me in the right direction? Also if you are a taller fellow and have an interest in the bike let’s talk offline. It will likely be making a classifieds debut shortly.

Just have to pretty her up you know. You can probably find a serial number on the bike either on the rear drops or on the front derailleur hanger.

Colnago Dream B Stay

V2-R successor is lighter and stiffer, and also rather similar to the competition. By Matthew Loveridge. As we covered in the launch story , Colnago claims the new bike is stiffer, lighter and more comfortable, and it features refinements such as an updated seat clamp design and cleaner cable and hose routing. The wider tyres are significant here — Colnago says the bike will take 30s officially and 32s unofficially, a sign of the times when once upon a time a new lightweight racer would have been launched with slender 23s pumped up to psi.

Tidy cable routing was a priority for Colnago, and the hoses and wires in the case of this bike with electronic shifting are all but completely hidden.

How to tell the manufacturing date of Colnago from the 70’s to the 80’s. dmonster said There are many tell tale sign on the frame. Colnago.

If there is one notable feature to the vintage lightweight racing bicycle market it is the variability of prices. Often, that is the result of a lack of market information. If somebody were to call a few people who deal in vintage lightweights, or perhaps ask a VRBN subscriber, then they would have a reasonable amount of market knowledge. Instead, many buyers and sellers enter the market only once – i. In such a circumstance, the price it is advertised at may be far below current market levels.

Sometimes, though, they make the opposite mistake. If an older bike is well abused but the seller thinks it is a much better bike than it really is, then the price may be way too high. Such a mistake is common with production bikes that were originally expensive but in reality were rather mediocre. Prices also vary considerably even when buyers and sellers are well versed in the field.

That is because the market is so thin. With relatively few buyers and sellers, a market transaction depends upon the perfect alignment of a perhaps reluctant seller and a cautious buyer. This is more pronounced when the item is more scarce.

Colnago C60 frame

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